V:01:01 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts

Pursuant to Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Policy 4:01:04:00 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts and TBR Policy 1:02:02:00 Duties of the Board, the solicitation and acceptance of gifts is deemed an administrative responsibility delegated by the Board to the President of Middle Tennessee State University (President), as Chief Executive Officer of the institution, who is charged with the responsibility of establishing policies and procedures for institutional development and for promoting efforts to advance that development through private support. The need to generate private funds for Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is critical. Coordination of efforts to achieve that support is essential to ensure effectiveness.

Responsibility for coordinating all development programs and solicitations of private support from individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations and organizations rests with the President. Solicitations made by anyone for the benefit of MTSU or any agency thereof require approval through established channels. The MTSU Foundation is the sole entity authorized by the State of Tennessee to serve as the receiver of private support and is the primary fundraising entity for the University.

Within the authority granted by the President of the University, the Vice President for University Advancement will serve as the executive officer responsible for the planning and coordination of all programs and activities designed to secure private sector support of the University, its colleges, units and programs. The Vice President for University Advancement will carry out this responsibility in cooperation with the MTSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

Procedures for the implementation of this policy are available in the Development and Foundation Office.  It is our expectation that these policies and procedures will increase our success in the attainment of substantial private funding for MTSU.

Revisions: November 24, 1992; August 1, 1995; September 9, 2015.

Cross-references: TBR Policies 4:01:04:00 and 1:02:02:00.