I:01:11 Charitable Solicitations

It is important that members of the faculty and staff, students and student organizations not be diverted from their duties, responsibilities, and purposes by solicitors making contacts on campus. In addition, the faculty and staff should feel no sense of pressure or obligation from the University to contribute funds for any cause whatever.


Neither the University administration nor faculty members in behalf of the administration should request funds from the faculty or staff for the purpose of financing University programs or facilities without prior approval of the Vice President for Development and University Relations, who has been designated

by the President of the University as the approving authority for such requests. 


A. An annual campaign for contributions to charitable organizations will be conducted by the University during the Fall semester of each year. The President's Office will appoint a chairperson or co-chairpersons to organize and direct the annual campaign.

B. A "charitable organization" is one which is supported by voluntary contributions and which provides direct and substantial health and human services to Tennessee Board of Regents employees, their families, and other Tennesseans and/or provides substantial financial support to health and human services agencies that provide significant services to Tennesseans and have a substantial presence in the State.

C. The attachment to this policy lists charitable organizations which have been approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents to participate in MTSU's annual campaign. Organizations not on this list must apply to the Tennessee Board of Regents for approval before they will be added to MTSU's campaign.

D. A payroll deduction for contributions to an approved charitable organization will be established if a minimum of five employees agree to contribute to that agency.

E. Employees may contribute to a maximum of three charitable organizations using payroll deductions. Umbrella organizations, such as United Way, will be regarded as one deduction.

F. Employees may select a one-time lump sum deduction, which will be taken out of the paycheck designated by MTSU, or employees may select a monthly deduction, with the first deduction being designated by MTSU.

G. New employees who start work after the normal annual campaign may authorize charitable organization deductions during the first calendar month of service.


The procedure outlined below will be followed when there are employee complaints alleging violation of the University solicitation policy involving companies which enjoy payroll deduction privileges.

The complaint will be investigated by the Office of the Human Resource Services. If the investigation reveals that there has, in fact, been a violation of the University solicitation policy by a representative of a company approved for payroll deduction, the Director of Human Resources may remove the company from the payroll deduction list.

Revisions: February 7, 1984; September 16, 1997.