I:13:02 Alcoholic Beverages

The serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages at approved events is to be an amenity to well-planned and structured programs; it is not to be the indispensable and essential program element. Consumption of alcohol on the MTSU campus is limited to approved events and areas designated by the President. The President is authorized to and may from time to time designate a place on property owned or controlled by the University where alcoholic beverages may be served by alumni and foundation organizations at a function or event sponsored by said organization. Designated areas shall not be in classrooms, labs, faculty or administrative offices, residence halls, student dining halls, student gathering areas, outdoor public areas, or athletic facilities accessible to the public. Furthermore, the use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages by students are prohibited on property owned or controlled by the University.

Organizers and sponsors of events where alcoholic beverages will be served must submit an approved Application for Use of Facilities form along with an Approval to Serve Alcohol on Campus Form to the President's Office within two weeks prior to the event.

Alcohol will not be permitted at events where the target audience consists mainly of students.

The sale of alcoholic beverages at the designated area is prohibited. "Sale" means any transfer, trade, exchange, or barter, in any manner or by any means, for consideration, including, but not limited to, requiring fees or purchase of tickets for admission to the area or event at which alcoholic beverages will be served. No state funds nor state accounts can be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The President may limit the length of the event and the amount of alcohol to be served, the nature of the event, and the number and age of the anticipated participants attending.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages must also be served concurrently with the serving of alcoholic beverages at the event. Adequate proportions of these items will be considered as criteria for event approval.

The only alcoholic beverages that may be possessed or consumed at campus events are those alcoholic beverages that are served at the event. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages served at an event must be consumed within the facility designated for the event.

The sponsoring group is responsible for identifying an individual to be present at the event and responsible for ensuring that the event complies with this policy, TBR policy, and all applicable state and local laws regarding the serving of alcohol.

Exceptions to this policy can be made at the discretion of the President.

ATTACHMENT - Approval to Serve Alcohol on Campus Form

Revisions: January 6, 1998; May 5, 2011.