III:00:02 Class Attendance


Policy with regard to class attendance requirements is established by each course instructor and must be clearly stated in the course syllabus. The course instructor has the sole prerogative to excuse or refuse to excuse student absences. However, students shall not be penalized for absences related to their participation in University sanctioned activities or in situations where the institution's policy on inclement weather is applicable. In all cases, the student has the responsibility to present excuses and make arrangements to make up any work missed. Non-attendance in class does not relieve a student of the responsibility for work covered or assigned in their absence.


The University considers participation in military duties as an excused absence. Notice of absence for service must be provided by the student/service member or an appropriate officer of the Armed Forces as soon as it is known that military orders are forthcoming for service. Notice must be provided to the MTSU Veterans and Military Family Center which will notify the student's/service member's instructors. The notice must be written unless such notice is precluded by military necessity. Affected students should contact the Coordinator, Veterans Benefits with questions regarding excused absences necessitated by military orders.

Excessive absences of students who are veterans of the armed services, and who receive benefits by virtue of their service, must be reported to the Coordinator, Veterans Benefits.

Revisions: December 1, 1988; September 5, 1995; May 20, 2013.