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Bachelor of Science Degree in International Relations

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Are you looking for a major that's exciting, challenging, and fun? Try International Relations through the Department of Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University. Find out how to expand your opportunities to travel and experience other cultures. If you've ever wanted to see Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Venice, Sâo Paulo,Nairobi or London, a career in international relations might be for you. 

Do you have an interest in governments and how they operate? Why governments fail and new ones take their places? Why nations go to war or make peace? Why civil wars occur? Why changes in the U.S. interest rate or the Tokyo stock exchange make economic ripples worldwide? Why some nations are rich and others poor? Majoring in International Relations will encourage you toward deeper explorations of all these issues and more.

International Relations gives you the opportunity to explore the British and Russian Parliaments, look at multiparty political systems such as France, or study single-party systems such as China. It can help you understand why nations go to war or make treaties and why nations disintegrate into civil war or several states. International Relations gives you that opportunity to investigate international economic links that affect your life on a daily basis. Most important, it gives you the training to participate in an exciting world.

The International Relations Student. International Relations students not only take specialized courses in Political Science, they also participate in a wide variety of activities. International Relations majors may participate in the Society of International Affairs. This group is involved in competitions that are held at Model United Nations and crisis simulation meetings. Recent competitions have been held in Washington, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, and Chicago. Students also have opportunities for internships. In recent years students have successfully competed for State Department internships resulting in positions with U.S. missions to the U.N., London, and Paris.

The International Relations Graduate. Graduates of the International Relations program have become U.N. employees, diplomats, import company representatives, Peace Corps volunteers, U.S. Government employees, and staff assistants to members of Congress.

Recent graduates can be found all over the globe in positions such as:

  • Permanent Secretarist, United Nations, New York
  • Program Analyst, Drug Enforcement Agency, Washington D.C.
  • Chinese specialist at a major U.S. university
  • Science officer with the United Nations' Office of Science and Technology
  • French teacher in Kenya, Africa
  • Executive with the Hospital Corporation of America

Model U.N.

Model U.N .:The Political Science Department offers an excellent Model U.N. team that regularly places highly in competition with major universities. 


High school seniors are elligible for the Harry J. horne Scholarship. This scholarship pays tuition for the first semester as International Relations major at MTSU. Applications are available in Peck Hall 209 or on line.



Program Requirements for B.S. in International Relations 

(37 credit hours):

I. Core (19 hrs):
PS 1010 Introduction to Global Politics
PS 2000 Political Science and IR as a Profession
PS 3001 Research Methods in PS
PS 3210 International Relations
PS 3220 Comparative Politics
PS 4240 American Foreign Policy
PS 4801 Senior Seminar in International Relations

II. Two courses from both fields (12 hrs):
International Relations (PS 3270, 3500, 3510, 3780, 3910, 4030, 4070, 4210, 4220, 4260, 4860)
Comparative Government (PS 3200, 3780, 4180, 4190, 4260, 4300, 4310, 4770, 4850, 4900)

6 hours from courses listed above or from the following:
PS 4200 Problems in Government
PS 4230 Classical Theory,
PS 4290 Legislative Internship
PS 4700 American Thought
PS 4920 Modern Thought
PS 4930 Contemporary Thought.

Please refer to the proper Upper-Division Form for the complete requirements.

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A minor in International Relations may be obtained by taking 18 hours of designated courses.

Curriculum Mapping

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