Political Science

Bachelor of Science in Political Science w/ a Public Administration Concentration

Requirements for the Public Administration Concentration ( effective Fall 2010).
The following requirements apply to students starting MTSU in the fall 2010 or later. Students who started prior to fall 2010 may continue to operate under the prior program, but have the option of adopting the new program if desired. Please consult your advisor.

Concentration: Public Administration (36 credit hours)

Core (18 hrs):
PS 1005: American Government & Politics
PS 1010: Foundations of Government
PS 3001: Research Methods in PS
PS 3250: Public Administration
PS 4290: Public Service Internship
PS 4800: Senior Seminar

Choose 2 from each of the following groups (12 hrs):
PS 3440, 4590, 4630
PS 2020, 2440, 3400, 3490, 4120

Choose 2 courses from the following sub-fields (6 hrs):
American Government
Comparative Government
International Relations
Political Theory

Public Administration Cognate (18 hrs):
In addition, students should also complete 6 of the following courses in consultation with their advisor. This cognate takes the place of one minor.
ACCT 3020 - Managerial Accounting
BCEN 4680 - Diversity in the Workplace
COMM 3220 - Small Group Communication
ECON 2410 - Macroeconomics
ECON 2420 - Microeconomics
ECON 4390 - Employee Benefits
ECON 4420 - Labor & Human Resource Economics
ECON 4510 - Unions and Collective Bargaining
MGMT 3610 - Principles of Management
MGMT 4200 - Leadership in Organization
MGMT 4680 - Organization Behavior
LEST 3010 - Leadership Theories and Practice
OROC 3240 - Intro to Organizational Communication
OROC 3250 - Organ. Comm. in Communities
OROC 3500 - Strategic Comm. in Organizations
OROC 3650 - Conflict and Organizations
PSY 4380 - Group Dynamics

Program Requirements (prior to 2010-11)
(33 credit hours)

Core Public Administration Courses
PS 1010: Foundations of Government
PS 1005 (previously 2010) American Govt & Politics
PS 3001 (previously 4000) Research Methods in PS
PS 3250: Public Administration
PS 4290: Public Service Internship
PS 4800: Senior Seminar
PS 3250: Public Administration
PS 4290: Public Service Internship

9 hours from the following:
PS 2020: State and Local Government
PS 3160: American Public Policy
PS 3440: Budgeting and Finance Administration
PS 4590: Administrative Law
PS 4630: Personnel Management

6 elective hours in PS

These are not the only requirements for the degree. Please refer to the proper Upper-Division Form for the complete requirements.

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Curriculum Mapping

Examples laying out all requirements to complete the degree in 4 years.
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Political Science, Public Administration, B.A., Academic Map

Political Science, Public Administration, B.S., Academic Map

Why Study Public Administration?

Public management is a dynamic and changing field. The demand for trained administrators continues to grow, particularly in state and local government. The Public Administration emphasis within the Political Science major at MTSU is designed for students who seek careers in government and public service. These include careers not only with government agencies, but also with non-governmental service groups, lobbying firms, and research organizations. The Public Administration emphasis is also valuable for students who plan to attend graduate school in public administration. The proximity of MTSU to the state capital in Nashville, only 35 miles away, provides unique opportunities for both hands-on training and career placement. The Department has a long-standing and successful Public Service internship program, which is a central feature of the Public Administration emphasis. Students may earn up to 12 semester hours and gain invaluable real-world experience working in state agencies, Metro Nashville offices, and public service organizations. Students benefit from both classroom and practical work experience. The complexity of modern government programs in health care, environmental protection, crime prevention, education, and others increasingly requires managers with specialized knowledge of government institutions and practices and skills in management, budgeting, personnel, and public policy. The Public Administration emphasis in Political Science meets these needs.

For more information about the Public Administration concentration, please contact:

Dr. George Vernardakis
Professor of Political Science
MTSU Box 460
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. David Carleton
Professor of Political Science
MTSU Box X095
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

For information regarding Public Service Internships, please contact:

Dr. Lisa Langenbach
Peck Hall 257
Ext. 2710