MTSU Purchasing Card


(a) The MTSU Purchasing Card (PCard) will be used for buying supplies and services and use MT$ource (when practical) that do not conflict with/or violate Procurement or Contract Policies.

(b) For any purchases of supplies and/or services less than $5,000 (Does not apply to Personal, Professional, or Consultant Contracts) MTSU Departments and employees shall use a PCard and use MT$ource (when practical) to procure the supplies and/or services.

(c) All University Departments and employees must utilize State of Tennessee, MTSU, Tennessee Board of Regents (Including all TBR Institutions), and University of Tennessee (Including all UTK Institutions) contracts as the primary sources to procure any needed supplies and/or services. A list of current State of Tennessee, MTSU, Tennessee Board of Regents (Including all TBR Institutions), and University of Tennessee (Including all UTK Institutions) contracts are available on the MTSU Procurement Services Website: If the item or service can be procured at a lower price or is unavailable on these contracts then the Department or employee may purchase it elsewhere, however all PCard purchases shall be made utilizing 'best bid practices'.

(d) All documentation pertaining to PCard purchases of supplies and/or services shall be available for review and audit by Procurement Services, Internal Audit, and State Audit. The Procurement Services PCard Administrator shall monitor PCard purchases and audit MTSU Departments and employee purchases both electronically and by physical inspection.

(e) The PCard Administrator shall provide education classes for MTSU Departments and any new and existing cardholders as required. All new MTSU Departments and employees will be required to attend a 'mandatory' training class prior to having their PCard activated.

(f) All purchases made for supplies and/or services under $5,000 shall be made with an MTSU PCard and use MT$ource (when practical) unless the vendor requires a University Purchase Order or in rare circumstances a "Check Enclosed". The MTSU eProcurement online ordering system MT$ource shall be utilized to procure PCard purchases (when practical). Whenever a vendor will not accept a PCard Purchase Order the order may be placed directly with the vendor.

(g) Failure by any MTSU employee to adhere to these PCard policies may cause the violator to be held personally liable for all charges and temporary suspension of their PCard. Continual abuse and/or misuse of University PCard Policies shall result in forfeiture of all Procurement Card privileges and possible disciplinary action up to termination of your employment from the University.

 Activities that are specifically prohibited are:
1. Absolutely NO alcohol or food of any nature shall be purchased with a PCard (Refer to Section 9.0 for Food Policy).
2. Absolutely NO Travel, including but not limited to airfares, rooms, and car rentals, shall be purchased with a PCard, unless authorized by the President or his/her designee.
3. Absolutely NO Medical, Physician, and/or Pharmaceutical expenses shall be purchased with a PCard
4. Absolutely NO Gift Cards of any type may be purchased using a MTSU PCard.
5. Rebates, in any form (checks, debit cards, written credit vouchers) that are received as a result of a PCard purchase shall be given to the Departmental PCard Reconciler where these rebates will be recorded and used to offset the cost of future departmental purchases. NO Rebates will be kept or used

Required PCard Forms:

Email Demetra Majors Procurement Card Administrator with Questions: