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Project Help is an Early Intervention Resource Agency (EIRA) affiliated with both MTSU and Rutherford county. Project Help offers services to children with delays or disabilities and provides a stimulating progressive preschool for children who are developing typically or above. Each semester Project Help trains nearly 300 college students while also providing learning opportunities for families and parents.

Our Early Intervention program children from 15 - 36 months. These services are provided at no cost to the family Eligibility for the Early Intervention program is determined by the Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) To be eligible for these services a child must have a diagnosed disability, and / or a 40% delay in one developmental area or a 25% delay in two. Once TEIS has determined eligibility a referral will be made with Project Help.

The Early Intervention program is a structure based and goal oriented. Each child has an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) detailing their developmental goals. Teachers plan activities and lesson plans that address these goals and build on existing skills. Teachers adapts classroom activities allowing all children to participate.

Project Help also serves as a preschool for children, ages 15 - 36 months, who are typically developing. Children in our Early Learning program serve as role models and peer teachers in the classroom, while taking part in a program that promotes diversity, creativity, and cultural experiences. A variety of schedules and fee options are available to meet families' needs.

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Project Help Prep, our program for children older than three, provides both children with special needs and those who are developing typically the skills necessary to excel in kindergarten and beyond. Our Prep teachers use the Developmental Assessment for Young Children (DAYC) to identify individual learning styles and develop a curriculum modified to those learning styles. Project Help Prep focuses on skill oriented activities to enhance learning. Theme based units and learning centers incorporate art, book exploration, puzzles, dramatic play, and house keeping to build on developmental domains such as: motor skills, self-help, and cognitive.

All Project Help programs are inclusive natural learning environments where children who are developing typically and those with delays or disabilities play together and learn from each other.

As a part of MTSU's College of Education, Project Help's mission is not only to teach children, but to train the next generation of teachers. Every semester Project Help provides nearly 300 college students with in classroom hands-on experience. College students are not only able to observe the activities and techniques used in the classroom, but are able to participate in and help with them.

Project Help also offers numerous opportunities for families and parents to participate in their child's education. Each classroom has an observation booth where parents can watch their child in class and see first hand how teachers help them learn. Teachers also make every effort to be available to meet with parents to discuss a child's progress and goals.