May 2012

All 16,716 Web pages that make up the Middle Tennessee State University website have been converted from the old Luminis content management system to the new OmniUpdate system. Workshops and open training hours have been offered by the ITD Web team in both April and May with several people attending to get assistance.  The Luminis system is still available till the end of May so users can copy and paste from their old sites to the new if needed, but any new updates to any site should be done in OU.

April 2012

There was a slight delay and the first departmental sites went live April 2nd. The projected completion date is still scheduled to be the end of April. However, the remaining departmental sites will go as one batch due to some problems discovered with this initial group of sites. Members of the web team will be contacting departments that have not gone live yet in the next two weeks for training and allowing users to get access to OU to make updates before going live on April 30th.

March 2012

ITD continues to move forward with updating the content management system that controls the MTSU website (www.mtsu.edu).  More than 350 departmental sites (over 16,716 individual Web pages) have been converted from the old Luminis system to the new OmniUpdate system.  Starting the week of March 19, ITD will implement the first 25+ departmental websites along with the 63 root pages (About MTSU, Future Students, Current Students, etc.).  Other departmental sites will follow in the weeks forward with a projected completion date of the end of April.  Departments will be contacted by a member of the ITD Web team to receive one-on-one training and to make the site live in the new system.  Additional OmniUpdate training/workshops will also be scheduled in early April for those who missed the February workshops.

December 2011 

The first version of the SCT export tool was implemented, which created a large compressed file of all the pages within the MTSU website. The company designing the new content management system, OmniUpdate, submitted the FTP info to the Information Technology Division's Web team, and the file was transferred. The Web team also developed a wireframes document that details all the webpage templates currently used and submitted the document to OmniUpdate along with a sitemap.

Members of the Web team continue to work on updating wireframes and determining which templates can be deleted. Several LCMS templates were created for special project pages such as the university Centennial and will need to be replaced before the export.

On November 28, 2011, OmniUpdate representatives announced that a newer version of the SCT export tool was available. The updated LCMS export tool was used to create a compressed file of all the MTSU Web pages and was submitted to OmniUpdate. One of the chief engineers for the project at OmniUpdate, Marcel Ayers, is reviewing the file.