Faculty/Staff Exchange Email Conversion

This innovative endeavor will convert Middle Tennessee State University's 5,000 faculty, staff, and other non-student email boxes from an outdated and specialized Web-based email appliance (Mirapoint) to the modern and ubiquitous Microsoft email software solution - the Microsoft Exchange 2010 server, Microsoft Outlook, and the Outlook Web Application.

Microsoft Exchange is a server-based messaging system that provides access to email, integrated calendaring, and numerous collaborative features. In essence, this system will allow you to access your messages and data using desktop clients such as Outlook (an application that provides users with access to email and calendaring), a Web-based interface called Outlook Web Access that offers you Webmail resembling the features and appearances of the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, or various mobile devices such as iPhones.

This solution conveniently accommodates all PC and Apple systems, as well as smart phones and other remote forms of email utilization. The conversion to Exchange will grant calendar and email access to Windows users via Microsoft Outlook, while Mac users can access this feature utilizing Entourage and Outlook 2011. You will be provided with access to integrated email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, and more.

The conversion process requires a technician to visit your desktop while you are present. The duration of this visit depends on many factors such as the quantity of active and archived email you have retained to date.