Campus Wide Initiatives

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Campus Wired Network Project​

MTSU Network Services is continually updating the campus wired network. Projects include expanding the inter-building fiber network, adding additional port connectivity in specific buildings, and upgrading older equipment no longer capable of supporting the demand for more bandwidth and security. Each year, TAF and ITD fund upgrades on selected buildings that need network improvements. Over the last two years there has also been major changes to the core network by adding network electronics that work together to create redundant building connectivity with 40Gbps interconnections. The wireless core network was also upgraded in anticipation of additional wireless traffic generated by the expansion of wireless networking in all campus buildings. 

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Degree Works

Degree Works™ is a product that will replace the PipelineMT Degree Evaluation menu option. Degree Works™ will provide MTSU with a comprehensive set of web-based academic advising, degree audit, and transfer articulation tools to enhance advising, better inform students about degree planning, and reduce time to degree. This system will enable academic advisors to provide “real time” advice and counsel to students. Degree Works™ will also allow advisors and students to create interactive scenarios for degree completion.

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Print Management

Print Management is thriving at MTSU. We have just recently added software to student labs and classrooms that will allow us to gather some good statistics on the volume of student printing on campus.

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MTSU Network Services is continuing an expansive project to provide complete wireless network coverage to the main campus. The project began with the College of Education receiving the first wireless upgrade in support of several student success initiatives in that building.  Each room was surveyed to determine if the current wireless coverage was adequate in terms of signal strength and call capacity. The data was then modeled in special software, pinpointing the exact locations of where wireless access points were needed throughout the building to meet the new performance standards of MTSU Networking Services. Through funding provided by the Information Technology Division, the College of Education Building wireless network was completed, providing enhanced coverage and excellent capacity to handle many more wireless devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.