MT One Stop

OneStopThe Student Services MT One Stop approach is based on the goal of helping students get as many questions answered as possible with just one visit to one office. Within the Student Services building, the plan is to create a front counter at the leading edge of the University College Advising Offices suite which UCAC Advisors will staff and help students with a variety of questions related to not only advising, but also to transcripts, insurance verification, how to pay their bills, basic financial aid questions, and scheduling questions.

By coming to the MT One Stop counter for answers to most common questions, the student will not have to make separate visits to the Financial Aid Office, the Registrar, Scheduling Center and/or the Bursar.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Project

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project is an initiative that allows the University to maintain an up-to-date dialogue regarding all touch points with students and is a component of the MT One Stop initiative. The CRM, which will interface with Banner, will be used by MT One Stop counselors, along with academic advisors, faculty and staff, to collect and record data pertaining to interactions with students. The cached information will be stored on a secured database.

It is a similar measure to the CRMs practiced in the business world, which include interactions with customers via calls, emails, or in person. Any student who needs help from an MTSU office will be able to visit or call the MT One Stop shop to obtain the information they are seeking about their personal situation or about the University. The one-stop shop is essentially all student-related services consolidated into one central location. The idea is that any contact the University maintains with a student gets recorded so that college advisors, faculty, or staff can view the information and assist the student through any next steps without the student having to repeat his/her story multiple times to multiple offices. The objective of this project is to enhance student success initiatives.