Technology Quality Survey

In its third annual study conducted in February through March 2015, the ITD leadership team gathered thoughts and opinions regarding the quality and effectiveness of technology services at MTSU.  Using the Higher Education TechQual+ study instrument, IT-related service quality metrics were assessed to help identify service quality and note areas needing improvement in three categories:  1) Connectivity and Access, 2) Technology and Collaboration Services and 3) Support and Training

In analyzing the 793 responses (faculty, staff and students – an increase of 216 from last year) to the emailed request to participate, improvement in perceived quality from the previous year was seen in Technology and Collaboration Services, while Connectivity and Access remained the area of most concern to respondents. This year’s responses showed a negative adequacy gap analysis (the difference between the perceived minimal acceptable level and the perceived actual level) in twelve of the thirteen core questions; but the results, when compared to previous years, showed positive trending in on all but three of the questions.  When separated, results from only student respondents, showed positive trending on all the questions.

 The survey results again this year, pointed to several issues ITD continues to address such as network access and wireless availability. Network changes in Fall 2015 were implemented to address those issues and the long-term plan for increasing wireless infrastructure is ongoing.

ITD uses the information collected from the survey to enhance the quality of the services it provides. Please look for next year’s survey for a chance to provide input and suggestions.