C@M - Desktop Virtualization

CAM logoThe MTSU community will soon have the convenience of accessing software programs that are currently used on campus for instructional learning or at work - anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Thanks to the implementation of innovative virtualization technology, MTSU students, faculty, and staff will be given the unique opportunity to use a multitude of applications both on and off campus. Dubbed, "C@M" or "Cloud at Middle," this new application delivery system will enable users to access programs online by using their campus network login information.

The implementation of C@M will influence the way you conduct business from a desktop computing perspective, and the benefits will not only allow students and employees to access applications from home and do the work they can currently only do on campus, they will also provide a faster system response time than standard desktops and eliminate system performance issues caused by virus infections.

While on campus, you will have your required software loaded on your campus-provided system through your C@M login. To use the system off campus, you will need to perform a one-time installation of C@M client software. When you aren't located on campus, your C@M system can be used on a PC or MAC machine.

This system has been implemented and positively received by other large universities and institutions of higher education such as the University of Alabama, Scottsdale Community College, and DeVry University.

The rollout of C@M will commence with Instructional Learning and staff computers and will conclude with faculty PCs. After all on-campus computers receive the upgrade, remote access to C@M will be activated. This implementation is expected to take approximately 14 months starting September 2011.