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Degrees Offered at MTSU
The following undergraduate degrees are offered at MTSU:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)
  • Bachelor of University Studies (B.Unv.S.)

To learn more about MTSU's undergraduate programs, please see the undergraduate catalog.

The following graduate degrees are offered at MTSU:

  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Master of Accountancy (M. Acc.)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of Business Education (M.B.E.)
  • Master of Criminal Justice (M.C.J.)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.)
  • Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T.)
  • Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

To learn more about MTSU's graduate programs, please see the graduate catalog.


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Academic Master Plan
Learn more about our plans for the future of academics at MTSU in the Academic Master Plan 2007-2017.