Faculty Handbook Introduction

This Faculty Handbook is a readily available reference to information for faculty compiled by the Office of the University Provost. The Handbook provides links to Tennessee Board of Regents Policies and Guidelines and the Middle Tennessee State University Policies, where applicable. Amendments or revisions to cited policies become effective when approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents and, in the case of MTSU Policies, when approved by the President. While every effort is made to keep this Web site current, it is possible that certain provisions may be superceded by revisions or amendments approved but not yet posted by the TBR or MTSU.

This handbook is compiled for the convenience of the faculty member only. The University may change items or revoke any of them without prior notice. This Handbook is not intended to state contractual terms and does not constitute a contract between the faculty member and the University. Applicable law, Tennessee Board of Regents policy and University policy define the obligations of the University. Faculty members should refer to Tennessee Board of Regents Policies and Guidelines and MTSU Policies for relevant official information.

Questions or suggestions for changes to the Faculty Handbook maybe be sent to the University Provost.

The Handbook is reviewed and updated annually. Policy revision dates are included in the linked sites.