Stephen R. Schmidt, Ph.D.

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  Phone:   615.898.2556
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  Areas of
  Memory and Cognitive Processes
Focus: The effects of distinctiveness and emotion on human memory.
  Courses:   Introduction to Cognition
Basic Statistics
Research Methods
  Recent Publications:
  Schmidt, S. R.  (2012). Extraordinary Memories for Exceptional Events.  Psychology Press.

Schmidt, S. R. (2012) Memory for Emotional Words in Sentences: The Importance of Emotional Contrast. Cognition & Emotion, 26, 1015-1035.

Schmidt, S. R. (2008).  Distinctiveness and memory:  A theoretical and empirical review. In Roediger, H L. (Ed) Learning and Memory:  A Comprehensive Reference: Volume 2: Cognitive Psychology of Memory (pp. 125-144). Oxford: Elsevier.

Schmidt, S. R. (2007). Unscrambling the Effects of Emotion and Distinctiveness on Memory. In Nairne, J. (Ed.) The Foundations of Remembering:  Essays in Honor of Henry L. Roediger, III (pp. 141-158). New York: Psychological Press.

Schmidt, S. R. (2006). Emotion, significance, distinctiveness, and Memory. In R. R. Hunt, & J. B. Worthen, (Eds.) Distinctiveness and Memory (pp. 47-64). Oxford: University Press.

Schmidt, S. R., Saari, B. (2007). The emotional memory effect: Differential processing or item distinctiveness? Memory & Cognition, 35, 1905-1916.

Schmidt, S. R.  (2004).  Autobiographical memories for the September 11th attacks:  Reconstruction, distinctiveness, plus emotional impairment of memory. Memory & Cognition, 32, 443-454.

Schmidt, S. R. (2002).  Outstanding Memories:  The Positive and Negative Effects of Nudes on Memory.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 28, 353-361.

Schmidt, S. R. (2002).  The humor effect:  Differential processing and privileged retrieval.  Memory, 10, 127-138.
  Graduate Program Role:   Coordinator of the Experimental Emphasis.
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