Letter to Applicant

Dear Clinical Psychology Master's Program Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Clinical Psychology Master's Program at Middle Tennessee State University. This letter is to let you know about our program.

In response to recent changes in the psychology licensing laws in the state of Tennessee, we have changed our program to be consistent with this new law. The clinical program continues to emphasize a broadly based scientific-professional approach. Graduates will be prepared to pursue doctoral training and/or to work in various mental health and related settings. In addition to the general training in theory and application relevant to clinical psychology, the new program is designed to offer specific training in three specializations: general clinical, health/neuropsychology, and applied behavior analysis. Training in both child and adult issues is available. With the change in state law, the Board of Examiners in Psychology does not license/certify new master's graduates to practice psychotherapy. Consistent with this, our clinical program does not train people to practice psychotherapy or counseling at the terminal master's level.

If you have questions or would like further clarification of this information please contact Mary Ellen Fromuth, Ph.D., at 898-2548 or email MaryEllen.Fromuth@mtsu.edu. If you have questions specific to the status of your application file, please contact Karen Nunley at 898-5192 or email Karen.Nunley@mtsu.edu.

Thank you again for your interest in our program.


Mary Ellen Fromuth

MaryEllen Fromuth, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Clinical Master's Program

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