Goals of the Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate psychology program at MTSU is designed to serve students who have varied career goals. The program contains a common set of core courses required by all majors. Beyond the core, however, students may choose among several options, depending upon their specific interests and career goals.

The psychology curriculum is arranged with several purposes in mind:

a. To provide, as part of a liberal education, some familiarity with the principles, methods, findings, and theories of psychology and to offer a valuable background for students preparing to work in a variety of professions and jobs, such as medicine, law, business, teaching, engineering, mass communication, political science, criminal justice, etc.;

b. to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study in psychology at the graduate level;

c. to provide academic work and technical skills that will prepare students to pursue careers in such facilities as mental hospitals, mental health agencies, schools, community agencies, psychological research laboratories, businesses, industries, etc.