• Psychology major Jennifer Johnson is an Honors student and editor of Collage
  • MTSU Psychology students put on a health literacy fair at Barfield Elementary
  • Dr. Paul Foster, who specializes in neuropsychology, goes over data with students
  • Professor Janet Belsky studies lifespan development

Minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology requires 15 semester hours. Students who are also pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology may select Industrial/Organizational Psychology as one of their two minors: however, courses may not count toward both a major and minor. It is very important that students consult the advisor for this program regarding scheduling of courses because some courses are only offered once a year. Effective academic year 2013-2014, a minimum of 6 psychology hours, to include at least 3 upper division hours must be taken at MTSU to satisfy this minor.

Required Courses (9 hours)

Course No. and Title Credit Hours
PSY 3320 - Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 4360 - Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 4270 - Personnel Selection and Placement
PSY 4330 - Industrial Organizational Training and Development


Elective Courses (choose 2)

Course No. and Title Credit Hours
PSY 4270 - Personnel Selection and Placement (if not taken as a required course) 3
PSY 4290 - Wage and Salary Administration 3
PSY 4330 - Industrial/Organizational Training and Development (if not taken as a required course) 3
PSY 4340 - Human Factors Psychology 3
PSY 4350 - Safety Psychology 3
PSY 4370 - Motivation and Work Attitudes 3
PSY 4380 - Group Dynamics 3

If you have any questions about this minor, contact Dr. Judy VanHein at 898-5752.