M.A. Financial Support

Departmental Assistantships
Students accepted into the MA program in history are eligible for a teaching assistantship for up to four semesters. The assistantships are competitive and cover the cost of tuition and most fees for fall and spring, and provide a monthly stipend (during fall and spring semesters). Students holding assistantships are required to work an average of twenty hours per week under the direction of a history department faculty member, to carry at least six hours of graduate work, and to make satisfactory progress in the graduate program. To apply, please complete the form found online at the College of Graduate Studies website, and submit the form with your application materials. See: Graduate Assistantship Application and How to Apply.

Center for Historic Preservation Assistantships
The Center for Historic Preservation annually awards one or more masters-level and doctoral-level graduate assistantships for responsibilities related to the Center's programs. Masters level graduate research assistantships at the Center provide a stipend of $6,000 plus all tuition and most fees for the academic year. See: Center for Historic Preservation

Albert Gore Research Center Assistantships
The Albert Gore Research Center provides two in-house professional assistantships and two assistantship positions at the Rutherford County Archives to graduate students during the academic school year. Research assistants at the Gore Center are assigned work related to the Center's regional archival collections programs. Those at the Rutherford County Archives are responsible for maintaining collections and facilitating public access to the archives. The positions provide a modest stipend as well as covering tuition and most fees. Application for these assistantships are made through the Department of History. See also: Albert Gore Research Center and Rutherford County Archives

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