Audio Post Production Studio

The Post Production Studio was designed to learn advanced techniques in recording, editing and mixing, especially as it relates to sound for picture. A state-of-the-art Pro Tools HD system with a D-Command control surface are used with a 5.1 surround monitoring system. The room also has an Acoustic Systems isolation booth.

Pro Tools System

2.6Ghz Octocore Mac Pro with 24-inch cinema display, Digidesign 24 fader D-Command, Pro Tools, Digidesign HD-Accel audio interface


Pro Tools HD, Digital Performer, Peak, Reason, MX4, MachFive, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Recycle, Toast, Waves Gold Bundle, Antares Auto-tune, VocAlign and all McDSP plug-ins.


Sennheiser MD421U (2), MKH40 (2), AKG C414, Shure KSM44.

Outboard Racks

Kurzweil K2500R, Roland JV-1080, MOTU MIDI Time Piece, Millinea Origin Preamp (2), Ensoniq DP14+ effects processor, Otari DTR88, DVD, VCR and cassette players.


Yamaha Motif ES8, MemoryMoog Synthesizer

Surround/Monitoring systems

PMC 5.1 near-field monitor system, Dolby SEU4 surround encoder, Dolby SDU4 surround decoder

Video Playback

Hi-res projection system with digital interface to Mac for DV playback

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