Studio A

Studio A hosts the state-of-the-art API Vision console. The studio is designed to accommodate the needs of audio recording for traditional music production, as well as video and film, and includes a studio, control room, isolation booth, mastering/observation lab, and machine room. Recording floor A is a large (38' x 50') room equipped with a lighting grid and numerous tie lines. Masonry low-frequency diffusing series are coupled with a balance of absorptive and reflective surface finishes to accommodate a wide range of recording sessions. Interconnect panels are located around the perimeter of the room to allow connection of mic, line, headphones, speakers and MIDI tie lines to the control room.

Control Room A features the API Vision Analog Console, Coastal Acoustics, Boxer and Event Opal 5.1 channel monitor systems, near-field monitors, a Pro Tools digital audio workstation with multiple audio interfaces, a MIDI station, and numerous outboard signal processing units. A Studer analog 24 track and 24-track DASH recorders are located in the adjoining machine room. Master recorders include an Otari 2-track analog with Dolby SR, Tascam DTRS and DAT machines, and an Alesis Masterlink CD recorder. While the main loudspeakers are supported from pedestals, their enclosures are suspended from an independent system of beams and columns, and both the pedestals and enclosures are isolated from the room's floating floor, walls and ceiling. A masonry low-frequency diffusing series was constructed along the entire rear wall of the control room. It serves as a framework for the high frequency acoustical diffusers by RPG Diffuser Systems.

Analog Mixing System

API Vision all discrete surround/stereo console with 40 I/O strips...yielding 80 automated channels on mixdown.

Monitor Systems

Discrete Research/Coastal Acoustics Boxer IV 5.1 monitor system, Event Opal surround monitor system, and Urei 813 studio monitors. Bryston, Hafler & Yamaha power amplifiers. Furman HR-6 headphone mixers with Ultrasone headphones.

Digital Recorders

Pro tools HD 2 with 24x40 96/192 I/O modules and Apogee Rosetta 800 8-channel converter, Studer D-827 DASH 24-track recorder with sound memory card, Tascam DA-45 HR DAT machine, Tascam DA-78HR DTRS machine, and an Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink CD recorder. Oppo Digital DV-980H media player.

Analog Recorders

Studer A-827 24-track recorder and Otari MX-55 TC w/ Dolby 363SR N/R.

Sync Systems

Timeline Lynx II synchronizers


2.6Ghz Octocore PowerMac with a 22" display, hosting Pro Tools and Digital Performer. Plug-ins include: Antares Autotune, Celemony Melodyne, SynchroArts Vocalign, Focusrite D2 Red EQ, Waves TDM Gold, Lexicon Lexiverb, Stylus RMX, Line 6 Amp Farm. A 51" LCD display is also provided for DAW and console operations.

Outboard Processing

Millennia HV-3D, TubeTech MP-1A, Yamaha Pro R3, SPX 90, REV 7, TC Electronics M6000 and TC2290, Lexicon PCM -70, Sony MuR201, Eventide DSP-4500, DBX 160 (2), Drawmer DS-201 (2) and MX-50, TubeTech CL 2A, GML 8200 EQ (thanks George!).

Musical Instruments

Kawai 7' grand piano, Yamaha Motif ES-8, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond B3 with Leslie 122, Pearl Master Series Drum kit w/ Zildjian Cymbals, Fender Bassman amp.

Microphones - Neumann M147, TLM 170, TLM 103, & KM 140; Schoeps CMC 5U; AKG C414 TL II, 460, & D12E; Yamaha MZ 204; Sennheiser MD421, MKH40, E602, & E604; Shure SM 98, SM 57, SM 81, SM 98, DX-520, & VP-88; Audiotechnica AT-4033, Realistic PZM, Countryman & Whirlwind DI Boxes.

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