Studio C

Located in the James Union Building, mixing studio C was designed by TEC award winning designer Bob Todrank with assistance by Chris Haseleu then director of the Center for Recording Arts & Sciences. The complex includes a control room, a machine room, and an isolation booth. Serving as a mix and overdub room, studio C is equipped with a Solid State Logic AWS 900 with Logictivity and Total Recall.


32 channel SSL AWS-900+ mixing console with automation and Total Recall.

Monitor Systems

Discrete Research Boxer IV Main Monitors, Adam P33A Near-field Studio Monitors, Crown Power Amps.

Digital Recorders

Sony 3324S DASH 24 track recorder with sound memory card, Tascam DA-98, DTRS machine, Tascam DA-45 HR, & Otari DTR-8S DATs, Tascam CD-RW5000 CDR.

Analog Recorder

Studer 872 A 24-Track

Sync System

Time Line Lynx Time Code Modules, Digidesign Sync I/O.

DAW/MIDI Software

Pro Tools HD2 and Digital Performer. Plug-ins include: Antares Autotune, SynchroArts Vocalign, Focusrite D2 Red EQ, Digidesign Sound Replacer, Line 6 Amp Farm, Mcdsp Emerald Pack and Retro Pack, Melodyne, Waves gold bundle.

DAW/MIDI Hardware

2.6Ghz Octocore Mac Pro, Digidesign HD-Accel, MOTU MIDI Time Piece AV & II, Yamaha Motif, Kurzweil K2500RS.


Lexicon 480L w/LARC, Lexicon, PCM70, Eventide H3000, TC Electronics TC2290, Yamaha Pro R3, Yamaha SPX 90.


Empirical Labs Distressor (2), Millenia TLC2 and NSEQ2.


Neumann KM84, TLM103, & TLM170; Shure SM57, 520DX, SM7B; Sennheiser MKH40, MD504, & MD421; Audio Technica AT4033; AKG C414, & C451EB; Countryman, Stewart, and Whirlwind DI Boxes.

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