Studio D & E

Located in Ezell hall, these identical project studios were designed to accommodate beginning recording courses. The control rooms are each equipped with a Solid State Logic AWS924 and Pro Tools HD Workstation. Students create their first recording projects in these rooms.

Pro Tools System

Macintosh Octocore 2.66 Ghz Intel-Xeon, Pro Tools HD2 with two 192 I/O audio interfaces, large Viewsonic plasma monitor



Monitor Systems

Carl Tatz Design PhanomFocus System incorporating Genelec 1037 wall mounted, Genelec 1037s

Outboard Processing

  • Empirical Labs EL8-X Stereo Distressor
  • Drawmer DS201 dual gates
  • Api Pack:
    • 512c microphone preamps
    • 550b equalizers
    • 525 discreet compressorsf
    • 527 compressor/limiters
  • Eventide Eclipse
  • TC Electronic M2000
  • Lexicon PCM91
  • Yamaha PRO R3


  • 2 AKG C414Bs
  • 2 Neumann TLM103s
  • Audio Technica AT 4033
  • 4 Sennheiser MD421s
  • 4 Shure SM57s
  • AKG D112E
  • 5 Sennheiser e604s
  • 2 Shure SM81s
  • 2 AKG C451EBs
  • 2 Neumann KM184s

Musical Instruments

Yamaha Motif ES8 Keyboard, Darwin Drum Kit (Studio D), Ludwig Drum Kit (Studio E)

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