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PipelineMT Instructions

PipelineMT Instructions

Follow the directions below to register on RaiderNet. Please contact the Scheduling Center (615) 898-5094 if you have questions.


Registering for Classes - After you have contacted your advisor for assistance with course selection, you can register online at RaiderNet accessed through PipelineMT. PipelineMT and e-mail accounts are generated twice a day (approximately mid-day and midnight) for new students who have received a final admissions decision. To access RaiderNet, these students will go to to retrieve their e-mail addresses and to set their passwords. To access PipelineMT:

  1. Access the MTSU home page
  2. Select PipelineMT or access it from
  3. For new students who have never accessed their PipelineMT accounts: Go to and follow instructions.
  4. Your username will be displayed. This is the first part of the MTSU email address without the portion.
  5. Students will be prompted to create passwords within the parameters given. The initial password is created by the student.
  6. Students may go to this web site if you forget your password or wish to change their passwords.
  7. In summary, enter a username and password to log into PipelineMT to access RaiderNet.
  8. Log in to PipelineMT, click on the RaiderNet tab, then on the Student tab and select Registration.
  9. From the Registration menu click on Add or Drop Classes, Select Term (submit),
  10. Select Term - The first time you access PipelineMT, you will be instructed to read and answer questions regarding the Hepatitis B and Meningococcal Meningitis information.
  11. Enter Course Reference Numbers (CRNs). These are the five digit numbers that are unique to each course section. You may enter CRNs one-by-one or all at one time. If you are registering for co-requisites such as a lecture/lab science course, then you must enter both CRNs before selecting Submit to avoid a registration error message.
  12. Select Submit. Your current schedule will display along with any error messages.
  13. In the Status field, "Web Registered"; will appear along with the registration date.
  14. If you received Registration Add Errors, these must be resolved before you can add the class.