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Connecting Your PS2

Installing the network adapter and starting the ISP Setup process:

To setup the PlayStation 2 on ResNet, you must first install the network adaptor according to the instructions found in the installation guide on the PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor Web site. Once you have installed the network adaptor you are ready to begin the ISP setup process.

  • Power up the PlayStation 2 and load the Network Adaptor Startup Disc.
  • Once it has loaded, Press X to enter the ISP SETUP. The ISP SETUP will begin to load.
  • Once the setup process has loaded press X to continue. Your PlayStation 2 will search for the network adaptor.
  • After the network adaptor has been found, press X to continue.
  • Press X again to continue.
  • Wait while the data is accessed. Select NEW and then press X to continue.

Configuration Settings:

  • Type a name for your ISP setting. This can be any name you would like to associate with this connection.
  • When asked if you currently subscribe to an ISP service, select YES and press X to continue.
  • For connection type, choose HIGH SPEED CONNECTION (CABLE OR DSL) and press X to continue.
  • When asked if your ISP requires a User ID and Password, select NO and press X to continue.
  • When asked if your Internet Service Provider requires you to input a DHCP Host Name, select NO.

  • Unplug your ethernet cord from the PlayStation 2, and press X to continue. Unplugging your ethernet cord from the PlayStation 2 will cause the test to fail. You want this to happen so you can get the PlayStation 2 to display your MAC address.
  • Wait while your network connection is tested. You will see an error screen similar to the image on the left.
  • After the network connection test fails, DO NOT press X or Triangle. Press Select to see the error message.

The hardware MAC address will be displayed (see picture). The address is a combination of 12 numbers and letters ( e.g. 00 04 1F 05 20 02). Your MAC address will be different. Each PS2 has a unique hardware address.

Please write down the MAC address and send it to the appropriate administration as mentioned on the Resnet Gaming Page .

  • To test the connection, plug your Ethernet cord back into the network jack. Restart the ISP SETUP program, performing steps 1-3 listed above. Leave your Ethernet chord plugged in.
  • Once the network connection test is successful, press X to save the configuration to the memory card. The network configuration will now be saved to the memory card. Do not remove the network card while this information is being saved.
  • Your PlayStation 2 should now be configured to connect to the Internet and you should now be able to start playing online. Press X to return to the main menu.
  • To test out your connection you can choose DEMOS and press X to continue. Follow the instructions on screen to play an online game demo.

Acknowledgment and thanks to University of Albany for the use of portions of their documentation.