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Incoming Transfer Scholarship Checklist

Do you plan to first enroll at MTSU for the spring semester?  Use this checklist to make sure you don't miss any scholarship opportunities!

The Spring Before You Enroll:


  • Begin a scholarship folder with information about scholarships in which you are interested.  Note the source of the scholarship, requirements, application process and deadline to apply.


  • Early January:  File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This is the application for federal grants and lloans, the lottery scholarship and other aid.  File your FAFSA in early January to qualify for need-based aid, or by April 1 if you do not expect to receive need-based aid.

The Fall Before You Enroll at MTSU:

  • October 1:  Deadline to apply for admission to MTSU and submit transcripts through the most recent semester (spring or summer) to be considered for a Transfer Academic Service Scholarship.


  • October 1:  Check with your academic department to learn about scholarship opportunities and application requirements for students in your major.


  • November 1:  Add MTSU to your FAFSA and resubmit it, if you haven't already done so.  Conatct your financial aid counselor approximately two weeks later to check on your financial aid status.


  • November 1:  If you expect to be eligibile for a lottery scholarship at MTSU, follow the first step on our Lottery Transfer webpage to notify the state of your change in institution.


  • December 3:  If you expect to be eligible for a lottery scholarship at MTSU, request a deferment based on the expected lottery scholarship.  Visit our Spring Transfer homepage for more information on whether you might qualify and how to request a deferment.


  • December 15:  If we are able to offer a scholarship, you will receive notification in late November or early December.  If you do not receive notification by December 15, contact us to ask about your status.


  • Early January:  Not selected for a Transfer Academic Service Scholarship?  Apply for possible academic scholarships for current students by submitting a One-Semester Scholarship Application.  These applications are available starting two weeks before each semester, with scholarships awarded (if funding is available) and response emails sent mid-semester.

Questions?  Please contact us!

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Updated September 2012