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Private Scholarships

Millions of private scholarships
are offered by private companies, clubs, civic groups, and other organizations. These awards amount to billions of dollars in scholarship funds to American students each year! Criteria for private scholarships may be academic in nature, such as a certain GPA or ACT score, or they may be based on characteristics of you or your family. For example, you may be able to win a scholarship for being active or taking a leadership role in a club, choosing a certain major, or for participating in community service activities.

Visit the links below for information about how to find and apply for private scholarships, and what to do once you win a scholarship.

Searching and Applying for Scholarships

Scholarship Search Links

Links to several popular (and free) scholarship search websites, to help you find awards which match your profile

Links to Specific Scholarships

Links to a few of the many scholarships which might be available

Helpful Hints

Information about how to organize your scholarship search and write the perfect scholarship essay

Beware of Scams!
In your search for money for college, be careful to watch for people who just want your money. If someone asks you to pay for scholarship information, just say no! The information is available without charge through other sources, such as a high school guidance office or the above websites.

Submitting Scholarships to MTSU

Did you win a scholarship? Congratulations! We recommend that you submit the scholarship check by August 1, so that the award can be applied before the Fee Payment Deadline in late August.

Requesting a Scholarship Deferment

Information about how to request a scholarship deferment if your scholarship check will not be available by August 1

Submitting a Scholarship Check

Information about how to submit a private scholarship check to be applied to your account

Are you a scholarship donor?

Thank you for your support of MTSU students!Click here for information about how to request information about a student, how to submit scholarships for MTSU students, and how to have your scholarship listed on our website.

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