Information Technolgoy Security



  1. A worm is being spread via a Facebook application which says "Click here, then Allow, to see the shocking video".
  2. A phishing message was sent out with the subject "**ACCOUNT ALERT**" claiming to be from MTSU Security and requested that you verify your account. If you receive this message please delete it and do not click on any links.

What is IT Security?

Simply speaking, IT security is the umbrella term for all aspects necessary to ensure that data is available to those who need it and not available to those who don't. As the accessibility of data increases, the security to prevent unauthorized access decreases. Systems housing data on a networked system can never, then, be 100% secure; however, data residing on non networked systems hinders access to authorized personnel. IT security strives to strike the proper balance between the two.

Often a virus or worm will not target data on the machine it is installed on, but instead uses it as a launching point to attack the true targets. The infected machine is more often than not used for other purposes, such as joining with thousands of other computers programmed to attack other networks or servers, hosting of copyrighted or illegal material, or a trusted pathway to other machines on the network that house sensitive information. In most cases, all of this happens without the computer user's knowledge.

The Security Group is here to help prevent unauthorized access to data and resources. Through consultation, proactive scanning, system hardening, and workshop sessions the end goal remains the same: a campus information technology infrastructure that achieves maximum access with maximum security.