At its most basic level, a VPN is an extension of a private network (like MTSU's) to a public space, like your home network. This allows a remote user to connect to the university and have their computer act as if it is sitting on the MTSU campus. All traffic from your computer is sent through an encrypted tunnel to MTSU's network and out to the Internet, rather than through your Internet Service Provider's network. This allows for greater security when accessing potentially secure resources from home.

The MTSU VPN webpage can be reached at https://access.mtsu.edu and uses your FSA (email) username and password for access. There is also a client available for Mac OSX and Windows that does not use Java. Those clients can be downloaded here:

If you wish to connect to the VPN through a mobile device, a Pulse Secure client is available from both the Apple Appstore and Google Play. The links for those mobile apps can be found below, or downloaded on the appropriate appstore:

If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk at 5345 or help@mtsu.edu.