Candidates for Senate Position: Graduate Studies

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  1. Mychal Bowling

 Mychal Bowling

Mychal BowlingWhy are you running for a position within the Student Government Association?

I am running for the senate to represent the College of Graduate Studies. We are a small college compared to this large university and I want to assure the graduate voices are heard. Often, we as graduates have different concerns than those of the undergraduates. I strive daily to be more than a part of our school; I want to give back. I completed my undergraduate degree here at MTSU and consider it home. I want to work for the people! Currently, I am a graduate teaching assistant in Health and Human Performance department, teaching health labs and bowling. I work with many undergraduate and graduate students. I work for MTSU and want to make MTSU work for you!

If you were elected to the SGA, what would you do to improve the quality of student life at MTSU?

If selected to serve for SGA, one of my goals to improve the quality of student life at MTSU would include surveying the students' on what healthy food options they would like available. Our new student union building is gorgeous, but not necessarily filled with healthy food options. I have heard many students complain that there are not enough healthy food options. I would also like to make sure these healthy options are affordable for students. Another way I strive to improve the quality of student life at MTSU is to start a graduate career fair. I recently attended the summer job/ internship fair and they are seeking undergraduates. I want to create a fair that is looking for students' earning graduate degrees. I look forward to getting more involved in this wonderful university and improving the quality of student life at MTSU! Please vote for me!

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