Candidate for Executive: Vice President of Marketing

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  1. Daniel Webb

 Daniel Webb

Daniel Webb Why are you running for a position within the Student Government Association?

I am running for Vice President of Marketing because I feel like it fits my personality. I love to talk to people. Not just small talk, either. I'm interested in others' needs and their interests. If I were elected Vice President of Marketing, my first priority would be the students I am serving and representing. There are over 26,000 students on this campus, and they deserve to have their voices heard. Through work with student organizations, working with administration, and simply interacting with students, I plan on providing MTSU students with activities and events they want to have. And when those events are decided upon, I plan on having a PR committee that I work closely with to get word out about events through multiple sources.

If you were elected to the SGA, what would you do to improve the quality of student life at MTSU?

A complaint I hear a lot on campus is "I wasn't aware that was happening" or "I wasn't sure where to go." If I were elected as Vice-President of Marketing, I would make it a priority to be as clear and thorough as possible in providing students the necessary information about campus events. I understand that there is virtually no way everyone will get be informed of events on campus, but I plan on PR-ing as much as possible to make that a reality. Another thing I hope to do is cooperate with other student organizations to achieve our goals and have more event participation. Working with groups like Student Programming and Greek Life are givens, but I am looking to branch out to other organizations as well to get them involved. I'm so excited about this opportunity!

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