Shannon Chappell Hodge Dr. Hodge
Associate Professor
Ph.D., 2005
Tulane University

Office: Peck Hall  109A   

Phone: (615)494-7681

Areas of interest:
Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology, Prehistoric
Archaeology, Chiefdoms, North America

Office Hours: 
Monday/Wednesday/Friday by appointment

Tuesday/Thursday 11:15am-12:45pm and by appointment

Spring 2014 Class Schedule:

 ANTH 2210  Introduction to World Prehistory MW, Peck Hall 318  2:20 to 3:45pm
 ANTH 3310  Human Origins TR, Peck Hall 318  1:00-2:25pm
 ANTH 2210  (Honors) Introduction to World Prehistory TR, LH 139 9:40-11:05am


Hodge, Shannon with Marie Danforth. 2005. "In Simple Terms: Bioarchaeology,"; Journal of Alabama Archaeology, 51 (2).