Speech and Theatre

Message from the Chair


We hope you enjoy your visit. You should find a variety of information about our department. We have two major concentrations in the department: Communication Studies and Theatre. In addition, the interdisciplinary major, Organizational Communication, and the Dance minor are also housed in our department.

Communication Studies majors currently may prepare for a variety of career paths in sales, public relations, tourism, marketing, personnel and other communication related occupations or graduate school opportunities.

The Theatre program allows students to participate in all aspects of the performance and technical production of shows in a diverse theatre season every academic year. Two theaters are available for productions. Tucker theatre provides a 1000 seat venue and the Studio Theatre provides performance space for more intimate productions. Theatre majors are well trained for many careers. Our students have found careers in professional or educational theatre, the entertainment industry and related fields.

Organizational Communication is a program that focuses on general communication processes and dynamics within organizations. Students can tailor the interdisciplinary major to match their career interests, including training for such as fields as arts management, consulting, fundraising, health care, and nonprofit organizations.

Our newest program is our Dance minor. The Dance minor offers students interested in Dance a unique area of study that makes an excellent area of study for Theatre majors and other programs of study as well.

Our department also offers students outstanding opportunities for co-curricular participation in a nationally ranked intercollegiate debate program. MTSU Debate finished 10th in the nation in 1998 among over 200 colleges and universities competing in the activities of the Cross Examination Debate Association. The MTSU Debate Program dates from 1911 and is both the oldest and most successful competitive organization of any kind on the MTSU campus.

If you have questions of any kind about our majors, minors, scholarships or other aspects of our programs, do not hesitate to email me at the address below.


Jeff S. Gibson
Department Chair
Speech & Theatre