Department of Sport Management

Welcome to the MTSU Sport Industry Program

The program includes a group of unique students and nationally known faculty who share a common interest in both the academic discipline and industry of sport management.

A cornerstone of the M.Sprogram is the strong emphasis placed on each student becoming part of the legacy of the HORSESHOE. This approach creates a vested interest in the student's program of study, connecting with our faculty, and ultimately resulting in the establishment of a meaningfulexperience. This unique processculminates in students understanding who they are, what they do, and why they matter!

The program is viewed by the department as a strategic asset in the academic master plan of Middle Tennessee State University. To that end, the program is positioned for long-term, purposeful growth and is always looking for talented students who want to better understand the role of sport, systems based thinking and learning, and our core values of moldability, credibility, and adaptability.

To find out more: please email Dr. Rudy Dunlap at