Department of Sport Management

Request Information and Forms

Request Information Form

If you would like to contact Dr. Colby Jubenville with questions about the Master of Science in Leisure and Sport Management with a concentration in Sport Industry, schedule a campus visit, or have an information packet sent to you, please complete the online Request Information Form.

Independent Study Form

Before a student can enroll in an Independent Study course the following form must be completed and signed by the supervising faculty member and the department chair. Once this form is submitted and processed, the student will receive a Permission of the Department (POD) notification on their Pipeline account and can accept the POD and register for the course.

Special Problems (LSM 6910) Form

Internship Manual

Students choosing the internship track will download the Internship Manual prior to enrolling in LSM 6880 and must have the necessary forms completed and submittedprior to beginning an internship for academic credit.

Internship Manual (PDF)

*Hours will notcount towards fulfillment of this course until all pre-placement forms are completed and submitted to the program director.

Graduation Forms
College of Graduate Studies Exit Exam

The College of Graduate Studies is vitally interested in assessing the quality of the educational experiences that graduate students received while in their graduate programs at MTSU. Therefore, an online exit survey has been developed to evaluate major components of the graduate program. The goal of this survey is to collect information from all graduate students intending to graduate this semester and use the responses to provide useful feedback to our office. The anonymous data from this survey will also be shared with the relevant departments each semester; therefore, your participation in this survey is critical to ensure that the results will be truly reflective of students' perceptions. We thank you in advance for your important contribution.

College of Graduate Studies Student Exit Survey

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate education at Middle Tennessee is grounded in the idea that students matriculate through a meaningful process and evolve into a professional and/or a scholar. Specifically, graduate assistantships at Middle Tennessee are considered to be a vital resource that adds value to the education process. Assistantship duties can be performed in the classroom, the athletic department, or the University. The goal of the assistantship is two-fold: to promote the student's progress toward a degree and to provide resources to help fulfil the mission of Middle Tennessee.

A graduate assistant must be admitted to a graduate degree program, which means he or she has completed all graduate admissions procedures, has been approved unconditionally by the department and the College of Graduate Studies, and once taking courses, is maintaining a 3.00 cumulative GPA. A graduate assistant must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) semester hours of graduate coursework each semester. (See Policy IV:07:12.)

Application Form (PDF)

GTA Qualifications Information

GTA Assignment Request Form Part A (PDF)

GTA Assignment Request Form Part B (PDF)

Change of Program

If you are currently in a different Master's program and want to become part of the Sport Industry program click on the following form.