Centennial Snippets - Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • This department provides financial assistance to qualified students.
    • Grants, scholarships, loans and federal work study opportunities are available.
  • The first director was Dr. Belt Keathley.
    • Mr. Winston Wrenn replaced Dr. Keathley as director in 1973.
    • Mr. David Hutton became director in 1997.
    • Since 2010 Mr. Stephen White is the current director.
  • In 2004 the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program assisted many Tennessee students with educational costs.
    • The program has grown from approximately 3,500 MTSU students in 2004 to more than 8,500 recipients currently!
  • The Financial Aid Call Center was established in 2009.
    • Trained staff field phone calls during the busy summer months.
    • Over 35,000 calls are handled over an eight week period.
    • The purpose of the call center is to shorten the long lines at the Financial Aid office and limit the huge amount of phone calls they get at this very busy time of year.

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