Centennial Snippets - Student Health Services

  • Infirmary In 1952 Dr. William Shacklett and Nurse Byrne were the only staff at Health Services.
    • Nurse Byrne lived on campus.
  • In 1911 smoking was prohibited on campus.
    • Students were expelled for smoking.
    • We now have programs on the dangers of smoking.
  • Birth control literature started being dispensed to students in March, 1973.
    • Health Services entrance Now birth control pills can be purchased from the MTSU Pharmacy.
  • Dr. Robert Hackman was the University Physician for 27 years from May, 1967 until he retired in December, 1994.
  • McFarland Health Services, named for Jack McFarland, is the first campus building funded with private funds.
  • The Pharmacy opened to students, faculty and staff and their dependants in January, 2009.
  • The current director of Health Services is Richard Chapman.
  • In 2012 MTSU will once again be tobacco free.

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