Brainstorming (120 days out)

Brainstorming for your event should occur at least 120 days out from the date of your complex event. Your group should ask such questions as:

  • Will the event work?
  • How many people do we need to make the event happen? Planning the event? Staffing the event?
  • Does the event serve a need previously not met on campus? Is there another group that does a similar event? If so, are we competing or could we work together with another group?
  • Do we have the resources (man power, budget, facilities) to make it happen?
  • What measures are we taking to ensure we can pay or performers and service providers up front? (see budgeting section )
  • What is our anticipated attendance? What venues would work for the event? Contact Venue Event Coordinator for ideas and possible availabilities.
  • What size of room is needed? What setup is needed? What kind of tech needs do we have? What can we afford?
  • If there is a potential venue available, put a tentative hold on the space by contacting the venue event coordinator and requesting the hold.
  • If the venue is outdoor, do we have a back weather location and plan?
  • Are there other events scheduled that will compete with the idea/event?