Venue and Event Coordinator Contact

Space Scheduler Phone Fax Campus Address
Academic Spaces for events
(BAS, CKNB, BRAGG, etc.)
Email: Event Coordination
Website: Event Coordination
898-5002 494-8600 Box 130
James Union Building (JUB) Email:  
Website: Student Unions
898-2797 904-8002 JUB 200
Keathley University Center (KUC) and Knoll Email:
Website: Student Unions
898-2551 898-2873 Box 11
Murphy Center Complex Horace Jones Field, Floyd Stadium, Alumni Memorial Gym Email: Chris Gannar
Website: Murphy Center
898-5189 904-8101 Box 350
Parking Lots Email: Event Coordination
Website: Event Coordination
898-5002 494-8600 Box 130
Recreation Center
and Fields
Email: Cherie Linam
Website: Campus Rec
898-2104 898-5569 Box 556
Tennessee Livestock Center Email: Matthew Wade
Website: Livestock Center
898-5575 898-5434 Box 105
Tennessee Miller Coliseum Email: Travis Emore
Website: Miller Coliseum
494-8961 494-8962 Box 107
Tennessee Miller Coliseum /Club Level
Email: Shana Miller
Miller Coliseum
494-8879 494-8962 Box 107
Tom H. Jackson and Front Lawn Email: Debbie Londre'
Website: Event Coordination
904-8240 494-8600 Box 130
Tucker Theatre Email: Justin Durham
Website: Tucker Theatre
898-2181 898-5826 Box 43
KUC Knoll/Courtyard, Walnut Grove, and Quad (outside areas) Email:
Website: Outdoor Spaces
898-2551 898-2873 Box 11
Wright Music Hall Email: Tim Musselman
Website: School of Music
898-2493 898-5037 Box 47

All Venue Event Coordinators have the right to refuse facility space to any group.

Reasons include, but are not limited to: previous cancellations without notice, outstanding debt/non-payment, or inappropriate use of facilities. Please check with facility schedulers for regulations and building hours.