Theatre Department

Future Students

This page is designed to assist potential and enrolling students with locating information and resources pertaining to the major in Theatre at MTSU. Students are strongly encouraged to explore the larger MTSU web site for additional information on the University's diverse offerings and support services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there audition requirements for the major in Theatre?
No. Students who meet MTSU Admissions requirements are allowed to major in Speech and Theatre with a concentration in Theatre.

What scholarships are incoming students eligible for? There are several University scholarships available through the MTSU Financial Aid Office. No departmental scholarships (theatre-specific) are currently offered to incoming freshmen or transfer students. Current students may apply for other departmental scholarships on an annual basis, and these awards are based primarily upon progress shown in their academic and co-curricular pursuits.

Can freshmen students audition for departmental productions? Yes. Auditions are open to all students, and freshmen are regularly cast in our shows. Check the BDA Call Board, located on the first floor of the Boutwell Dramatic Arts building for audition notices and requirements.

Which classes should I enroll in during my first semester? All incoming freshmen participate in CUSTOMS, the new student orientation program at MTSU. During CUSTOMS, new students will meet with an advisor from the Theatre program to assist the student with scheduling their classes. In general students are recommended to take Theatre Appreciation, Fundamentals of Acting and/or Stagecraft, and courses to meet General Education Program requirements.

Other questions about the program? Want to schedule a visit?

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