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  • Tucker Theatre accommodates major music, dance, theatrical, and television productions.

Facility Technical Spec


  • Stage Style
  • Tucker Theatre is a proscenium theatre with two side stages.
  • Auditorium Capacity
    • Main Floor: 679 seats
    • Balcony: 290 seats
    • Total: 985 seats (see seating plan)
  • Load-in point: Loading dock at stage level is outside of the scene shop located off stage left. A load-in to the stage is through the shop. The loading door is 9'-0" wide by 10'-0" high.
  • Orchestra Pit: Located under the apron, its use requires significant advance notice and may result in additional labor charges for the user group. There is no lift system of any kind installed. Floor of the pit is 10'-0" below stage deck level.


  • Lobby Location: Tucker Theatre contains one lobby located in front of the auditorium.
  • Lobby Facilities: The lobby provides a large seating/lounge area furnished with couches, chairs and tables. To the lobby right is a men's restroom and drinking fountain and to the lobby left are a women's lounge and restrooms and a drinking fountain. Please arrange all use of the lobby through the house technician.
  • Box Office: There is one box office with three ticket windows, a telephone, and handset communication to backstage right.
  • Decorations: The lobby may be decorated by the visiting group for their performance but all materials must be removed by the group afterward. No double-sided tape is permitted in hanging decorations. In addition, any permanent marring of the lobby surfaces will be charged to the user group.
  • Food Service: Food and drink may be arranged with the University Food service. They can provide everything from soft drinks to full meals. All sales of food, snacks and other merchandise in MTSU facilities must be in compliance with existing food service and vending contracts. Food and drink are NOT allowed in the auditorium.
  • Chairs & Tables: Folding tables and chairs are available for visitor's use. Please notify the Theatre Manager in advance of these needs.
  • Marquee: The marquee may be used for advertising and promotion of individual events. All material must be presented to the theatre technician two weeks in advance of event.
  • Handicapped Access: There is no handicapped access directly to the lobby. Access is from house left outside doors into auditorium and up house left aisle. Lobby restrooms are handicapped accessible.
  • Crowd Control: Stanchions are available for crowd control and limiting access to areas.


  • Location: Through U.S.R. access door from the stage on the stage level. Access to and from dressing rooms and makeup room is through the hallway behind the stage.
  • Description: Room is furnished with chairs, couches and tables.


  • Quantity & Capacity: Total Number of Rooms: 2 (one male, one female) contains restrooms with two showers each. Maximum capacity: Male - 16, Female - 14
  • Location: In hall behind stage on stage level. Access is from U.S.L. and down the hallway, or from U.S.R. and across the hallway.
  • Description: Each dressing room is furnished with one full length mirror, racks in individual stalls to hang costumes and a separate room containing a sink with lighted mirror, toilet and two showers.


  • There is one (1) Make-up room with a maximum capacity of 27 persons.
  • Location: In hallway behind stage, on stage level.
  • Description: One large room containing counters, chairs, lighted individual makeup mirrors and a sink with hot and cold water.
  • Supplies: No makeup or makeup supplies are provided in house. This includes tissues and soap.


  • Proscenium opening: 40'-0" wide and 20'-0" high
  • Height of stage from auditorium floor: 3'-7"
  • Front edge of apron to curtain line: 18'-0" O.C.
  • Curtain line to back wall: 38'-0" O.C.
  • Wing space stage left: 7'-0" and opens into shop.
  • Wing space stage right: 4'-0" off stage of cyc.
  • Height of grid: 50'-5 1/2"
  • Usual trim height: 20'-0" to 22'-0"
  • Crossover: Through hallway behind stage.
  • Stage Floor: Wood floor, slightly resilient, over cement beam support structure.
  • Traps: Three 3'-0" x 6'-0" removable traps (see Floor Plan)
  • Floor surface condition: Fair
  • Side Stages: Proscenium: 11'0"; (h) x 16'0";(w); Black velour draw curtain manually operated: Operating lines are D.S.- Curtain Closes to U.S. These positions are difficult to light well.
  • Orchestra Pit: Tucker Theatre has an orchestra pit. It can be made available at minimal cost to remove the covering.


  1. Main Curtain: Black Velour - Fly and Draw manual operation - Two panels 26'-0" x 24'-0" high
  2. Teaser

Black velour

3 Available

10'-0" x 52'-0"

  1. Side Stage Curtains (2)

Black Velour

Manual draw operation (Lines DS) D.S. full open, U.S. full closed

11'-0" X 12'-0"

  1. Legs

Black velour

4 sets

16'-0" x 24'-0"

  1. Borders

Black velour

3 sets

10'-0" x 52'-0"

  1. Traveler

One Black Velour set

Each panel 26'-0" X 24'-0"

  1. Cyclorama

Unbleached muslin -- off-white color

Hung on curved batten 25'-0" X 96'-0"

Encloses stage space of 59'-0" X 31'-0" with all pipes flying within this space

Cyc is hung on line 25, 31'-0" from plaster line, O.C.

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