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Evening School Course Search

To see what courses are being offered in the evenings this semester, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to this website
  2. Choose the semester you want to view course offerings for.
  3. Use the selection options to search the class schedule. You may choose all subjects areas to view a complete list, or any combination of fields to narrow your search, but you must select at least one subject. Click on a subject to highlight and select.

    To select multiple subjects, hold down the CTRL key and click on each additional subject.

    To select all subjects, click on the first subject, hold down the SHIFT key, scroll to the end of the subject list, and click on the last subject.

    To search for classes that begin after a certain time enter in a "Start Time" that will work for your schedule (make sure to choose pm). If you enter 4:30 you will see a list of all classes with a start time of 4:30pm or LATER. Click the "Class Search" button when your selection is complete.
  4. Below is an example of a search result. (Each course listing will include a meeting time and location.)

If you are ready to search for courses, click here.

If you can not find the course you need you may want to consider online or correspondence courses. To search for courses offered by these methods, search for "Distance Learning" under "Attribute Type"and do NOT choose a start time.

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