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Master of Professional Studies Overview

Master of Professional Studies (MPS) - Strategic Leadership Concentration

Total credits required for graduation: 33

A. Core Courses: Students will complete the following three core courses for nine credit hours.

PRST 6100 Professional Environment: Issues and Ethics 3 credits
PRST 6200 Globalization and the Professions 3 credits
PRST 6300* Research Methods 3 credits

* Prerequisite: Undergraduate or Graduate Statistics.

B. Concentration for Strategic Leadership: Students will complete seven of the following courses, including at least one course from each of the five subject areas.

Leadership Theory

PRST 6500 Foundations of Leadership 3 credits
LDSP 6000 Current Issues and Cases in Leadership 3 credits
ELPA 6560 Small Group Leadership 3 credits

Research/Data Analysis

PRST 6770 Computer-Based Decision Modeling 3 credits
PRST 6600 Statistical Analysis 3 credits

Organizational Structure and Change

PRST 6310 Leadership in Organization 3 credits
PRST 6800 Organizational Skills and Development 3 credits


COMM 6110 Leadership and Communication 3 credits
JOUR 6450 Public Relations Management 3 credits
PRST 6700 Conflict Management and Negotiation 3 credits

Strategic Planning and Assessment

TECH 6105 Project Planning and Scheduling 3 credits
PRST 6040 Human Resources Management 3 credits

C. Professional Project: The Master of Professional Studies program requires every student to complete a professional project as the culminating experience in earning the degree.

PRST 6998 Professional Project (Must be taken during the final semester of the program) 3 credits

Note: Graduate Online Courses offered by each individual university
[Students employed full time are limited to two online courses per semester.]

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