Academic Outreach


The Academic Outreach division of University College is designed to meet the unique needs of students whose access to higher education is often limited by family, work, and community demands by extending the resources of the University to create access to educational opportunities and to provide an innovative connection of past experiences and current studies.

With programs like Adult Degree Completion, Prior Learning and Degree Advancement, we make earning a college degree more attainable. We also focus on providing academic support for military/veterans students.

In addition to providing academic support, we also actively development our community and educational partnerships, with the purpose of expanding MTSU's reach. Through offering online educational alternatives to community colleges in surrounding communities we are able to provide more opportunities to those who are not currently part of the MTSU community.

Videoconferencing Courses
For additional information about videoconferencing courses, or to inquire about using the videoconferencing facilities for business or professional use, please contact us by phone at (615) 898-2121.