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Vivian Renee Morgan Alley, Ed.D.

University Studies
Box 376
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Office: Peck Hall 234
Office Phone: (615) 898-5557

E-mail: valley@mtsu.edu


  • Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, TSU, 1997
  • Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, MTSU, 1992
  • M.S. in Math, MTSU, 1985
  • B.S. in Math and minors in computer science and education, MTSU, 1983

I have taught at MTSU since Fall 1985. I have made several presentations at TNADE and at NADE, have served on numerous committees at the department and university levels, and have had articles published.

A Few Achievements:

  • I graduated with my Doctorate in August 1997.
  • I was nominated for Outstanding Teacher of the Year at MTSU.
  • I was named "Educator of the Year" for TNADE (TN Association for Developmental Education) in 2003.
  • I received "The NADE Award for Outstanding Service to Developmental Education Students" by the National Association for Developmental Education in 2004.

Some interesting projects:

  • A Researched-Based Assessment of Student Evaluations
  • Dissertation Title - Midterm Grade reports: Are They Effective?
  • I am faculty advisor of Alpha Omega, a Christian student organization.

Describing your teaching style:
Mostly lecture by giving notes and working many examples, some student work at the board, and some group work. I am available outside of class in my office and also by e-mail or phone.

What do you like most about teaching?
Interaction with students, believing that I help them attain their goals of college degrees, seeing the looks on their faces when students understand the concepts.

What do you like least about teaching?
Having to assign a grade of "F" to students who have done their very best, but didn't have a passing average.

What do you expect from your students?
Their very best: attending class, doing their homework and attending the math lab and my office hours when needed.

What should they expect from you?
Teaching the material to the best of my abilities and being available to them outside of class.

Areas of interest outside the classroom:
Family, church, cats, snow skiing, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, and the Tennessee Titans

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  • Peck Hall, Room 202
  • 1301 E. Main Street, Box 16
  • Murfreesboro, TN 37132
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