UWC Attendance

UWC tutors and writing assistants may not provide signatures or any other "proof of attendance" for students who have appointments at the UWC, we have come up with a brief list of alternatives to help support the writing goals you have for your students. If you currently offer or would like to offer extra credit to your students for visiting the UWC, consider one of the options below.

**Please remember that student attendance at the University Writing Center may not be required for any course that is less than 4-credit-hours and that has not been approved for the UWC to apply the 4 th hour (The only currently defined courses are ENGL 1008 and 1009).**

  • Offer credit based on your students' ability to reflect on the learning experience s/he had at the writing center rather than solely for the student's attendance (see the sample clauses below). You may also contact Assistant Director Caty Chapman if you would like to confirm that a particular student visited the UWC.

Sample Syllabus Statement:

"The Margaret H. Ordoubadian University Writing Center is located in LIB 362 and at Here, students can receive valuable one-to-one assistance with their writing. Conferences are available by appointment (904-8237); please don't wait until the last minute to seek their help. In order to receive three points extra credit (per visit up to two per essay) for attending the University Writing Center, you must write a brief narrative paragraph (per visit) about your experience (i.e. who you worked with, what you discussed, what you learned, how your writing changed after the session). I will accept these paragraphs on the day the essay is due. "

Sample Assignment Sheet Statement:

To earn up to 3 extra points on this assignment, visit the University Writing Center (LIB 362) to work on some aspect of this essay, and write a brief description of your visit. In your write-up, be sure to (1) tell me what goals you had in mind before the session, (2) describe what you did during the session (i.e. were your goals met? How so, or what did you work on instead?), and (3) evaluate the session—how was it useful or how could it have been more useful? This write-up should be at least ½ a page long, typed, and stapled to your final draft.

  • Ask your students to write and submit a writing or revision plan based on what they learned/discussed during the UWC session

  • If you would like for your entire class to receive the same specific writing training, email Caty Chapman for assistance in scheduling one of our in-class workshops (for a complete list of workshops, click here). Two Writing Assistants will come to your classroom and conduct a session that can be tailored to your assignment, concerns, or course goals.