Campus and Community Outreach



Campus Events

Celebrate National Poetry Writing Month!

Join the MTSU Writing Center in celebrating National Poetry Writing Month! Stop for poetry writing sessions, daily writing prompts, encouragement, community, and a chance to showcase your writing. Events throughout the month include:

  • Poetry write-ins 
  • Daily writing prompts
  • An end-of-the-month Open-Mic-Night



Community Outreach

High School Writing Center Partnership


Elementary School Workshops 

In the spring of 2009, four writing assistants conducted a creative writing workshop for the third grade class at St. Ann's School in Nashville, TN. The workshop focused on helping students develop strategies for writing descriptively, and it culminated in a publication of the stories and pictures created by the students that day. The class titled their publication "Third Grade Press Sees the Unseen," a copy of which is available to see in the WC. In the spring of 2010, a group of seven writing assistants along with Dr. Wes Houp and Dr. Stacia Watkins, traveled to Thomas Magnet School in Shelbyville, TN and conducted this workshop a second time for a group of nearly 60 students. You can see photos of the event here: 

High School Workshops

In the fall of 2008 and spring of 2010, writing assistants conducted two-day workshops for Oakland High School seniors enrolled in English IV classes. Working with standard, honors, and advanced honors classes, the writing assistants discussed a variety of writing topics: language awareness, strategies for writing about literature, essay organization, and technical writing. Students were asked to participate in hands-on activities that helped better their understanding of these concepts and allowed them to utilize what they learned within their own writing.

Book Drives

The WC has participated in book drives to help both local and global communities. In the spring of 2009, the WC organized a book drive to help victims of the bush fires in Australia. Books of all reading levels were collected to restore some of what these victims lost in the tragedy. Most recently, the WC collected children's books for the Murfreesboro City Schools Outreach and MTSU's Project HELP.

For our most recent book drive, the MTSU community helped us collect over 1,150 books ranging in reading levels from pre-K to young adult - a great success. 

Grants Received

Spring 2009:
MTSU Public Service Grant of $350
Spring 2010: MTSU Public Service Grant of $400

Questions about our outreach projects? Contact Jim Hamby.