For Faculty

Let us bring the Writing Center to you!

We have two options for faculty to use to introduce the Writing Center to your students.  

Do you want a quick overview of Writing Center services available to your students? If so, request a Class Visit.

The class visit is a 10-15 minute presentation on the UWC's services conducted by one or two Writing Assistants. Students will get an overview of UWC resources and policies and will be provided with bookmarks that have the UWC's contact information. Faculty may provide the UWC with the focus of the course so that the class visit may be tailored to the goals of the class.

Or, request a 55-minute In-Class Workshop (not available for Fall 2015.).

During an in-class workshop, well-trained, knowledgeable writing consultants will come to your class to discuss various writing issues or documentation styles. When requesting a workshop, keep in mind the following:

  • Workshops can be modified to fit your class assignment, structure, and goals.
  • Because writing skills are best learned in context, we ask that instructors schedule workshops when their students are in the midst of a project so we can help students work with their own writing and research materials. When possible, students should bring drafts or other writing to class with them on the day of the workshop.
  • Workshops need to be requested at least two weeks in advance, and instructors must be present during the workshops.
  • We rely on your feedback to help us improved our workshop offerings.  After a workshop, please send us your feedback!

Our current workshop offerings include:


What We'll Do: Consultants will guide students through the process of creating accurate citations while helping students understand citation in a broader disciplinary context.  Students will practice the citation style most pertinent to their current course and leave knowing where to find additional citation resources. Students should also leave the workshop with a stronger understanding of both in-text and bibliographic citations and of citations' overall function and place within the paper.

Incorporating Research

What We'll Do:  In this workshop, consultants will discuss strategies for evaluating the reliability and usefulness of sources.  Students will also be introduced to some "best practices" for writing with research.  Students will have the opportunity to practice these skills using their own or sample research during the workshop.

Multimodal Writing: Working with Multiple Medias

What We'll Do: The goal of this workshop is to provide students with the foundations to transfer their compositional knowledge to a multimodal medium. By the end of the workshop, students will be able to visualize a completed multimodal project and evaluate it according to traditional rhetorical terminology.

Peer Review

What We'll Do: Consultants will walk students through the process of peer reviewing, using strategies and concepts used in Writing Center.   Students will practice these strategies, create revision plans, and discuss ways to apply peer review methods to their own revision processes.

Crafting Thesis Statements

What We'll Do:  Starting with the basic definition of a thesis statement in a traditional text, consultants will guide students through interpreting thesis statements in other forms of writing. Students will examine a variety of texts, identify underlying organization structures and will practice mirroring some of these organizational strategies in their own writing.  

Writing Responsibly in an Academic Setting

What We'll Do: This workshop is intended to engage writers in open discussion on responsible academic writing practices. Students will investigate the connections between research, citation, academic responsibility, and intellectual property. Students will leave the workshop having generated some "best practices" for writing responsibly.

Don't see a Workshop to fits your needs?

Contact Caty Chapman to discuss how the Writing can customize a Writing Workshop for your students.

**Important Note Regarding WC Proof of Attendance**

The WC no longer offers proof of attendance in the form of tutor signatures, the WC stamp, or the Self-Assessment Form (beg. Fall 2009). If you currently offer (or would like to offer) your students extra credit for WC visits, please click here for a list of options available to you.

Additional Resources for Faculty & Staff

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